Published On: Wed, Sep 7th, 2016

“You are scared of my policeman”

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Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani
GGGGGChief Minister Mehbooba Mufti of Indian occupied Kashmir while speaking at an official function arranged to launch UJALA scheme in Kashmir taunted the Hurriyat leadership and said ‘you are scared of my policeman’. She said, don’t make small children your shields. If you have guts, sleep in your own homes. In the dark of the night you go to other areas and provoke kids to join ‘Chalos’ (processions) but you are scared of my policeman. You tell the kids to face bullets, pellets and tear gas shells but you yourself are sacred of even one policeman.”
Mehbooba Mufti over a period of time has turned out to be a sack full of secrets and has become a victim of misleading official briefs, which would eventually make her a social leper in Kashmir and a named witness on war crimes at the ICC in Hague. On August 25, 2016 at a joint press conference with Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh she added a rude statement to the conflict vocabulary of Kashmir and as a heartless step mother burst out in anger. She asked “Had these kids, who were killed by the security forces, gone to the camps to buy candies & milk?”
This candies and milk theory can’t apply to a generation killed from 1990-2008, youth killed in 2008 and 2010 during a legitimate public uprising to safe guard the character of state Subject Law. Burhan Wani and his associates had not gone to security forces to buy anything of that kind. The death toll of 84 from 8 July to date, injuring over 8000 and blinding many hundreds all at the hands of an occupation force and in violation of the code of conduct laid down for the use of live ammunition did not happen for any trivial end.
Spilled the beans
Mehbooba Mufti not only contradicted herself at the joint press conference but she spilled the beans that she used to save this youth from the knife of STF and from the army which would take them away and exact forced labour to cut grass. She admitted that before taking over as chief minister she would witness the misdeeds of Special Task Force and the Army. It means that after becoming chief minister she has turned blind to these atrocities as her part in a quid pro quo.
What is the merit of this taunt?
She has taunted Hurriyat and other leaders and said “If you have guts, sleep in your own homes. In the dark of the night you go to other areas and provoke kids to join ‘Chalos’ (processions) but you are scared of my policeman.” Sleeping away at night has continued to be a regular feature in all movements and revolutions around the world. Avoiding an arrest or evading the policeman who the chief minister regards as ‘my policeman’ is not a question of guts or no guts but a necessary consideration in a movement. One should avoid a policeman, in particular the particular breed which does not honour the sense of duty but offers himself as a personally owned ‘policeman’. One needs to walk away from the bite of a policeman owned by Mehbooba Mufti.

Angry woman
Bible records about an angry woman that, “[It is] better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.” Mehbooba Mufti did spill more beans today while speaking at the UJALA function. She admitted that encounters have been happening in Kashmir for the last 25 years. Fair enough but we know that these encounters have been fake encounters, staged by police and army to rise in ranks and to grab the prize money. Mehbooba said, “She fails to understand why an encounter (of Burhan Wani) made people so angry.” “Whatever is happening in the valley from the past two months, I keep asking myself and my colleagues that what wrong did we do? Encounters have been taking place since last 25 years. Even today we witness encounters on the border. In my government an encounter took place and three militants were killed. So what was wrong in that? Why are people so angry?” “Previously I didn’t pay any heed to the fact that something is brewing against us. People used to tell me that something is going to happen. First there was a problem on NEET exams that it will erode our special status. When our boys can top the administrative exams then why are we worried about NEET?”
It is unfortunate that Mehbooba Mufti does not wish to be remorseful on the death of people killed in encounters. On the contrary she is trying to draw a comparison with all encounters that have been happening in the last 25 years and questions the people’s response on the encounter which killed Burhan Wani and his associates. In a way she wants the people to accept this and many future killings as well.
Separatists again missed a chance
Chief Minister has accused Hurriyat of losing another opportunity in failing to engage with New Delhi. She said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the mandate to solve Kashmir issue and that separatists again missed a chance to engage in dialogue.
“I am sure a serious effort was made by reaching out to every section of the society in J&K, including the separatist leadership through the All Party Delegation to set the resolution process into motion through dialogue. Unfortunately the separatists seem to have again missed the opportunity by refusing to engage. If we refuse to talk, how will the solution evolve?”
It is a fact that Hurriyat and others did not engage with All Party Delegation. Why should they? Her argument has no merit because a prisoner can’t engage with his opponent who has a freedom of choice. Syed Ali Geelani has been locked indoors since 2010 and so are other leaders locked at this point. Asking an incarcerated Kashmiri leader to prove the ‘social grace of Kashmiriat’ has no merit. The valley is bereaved and its chief minister wants the grieving leaders to pass ‘social grace of Kashmiriat’ test is a ridiculous demand.
The answer is no

Has Hurriyat really lost another opportunity by refusing to engage with APD? The answer is no. Dialogue is important but Indian establishment which according to RAW chief A S Dulat has been running all the Governments in Indian occupied Kashmir since 1947 has used dialogue as means to deceive the people. Establishment in Delhi has perfected the art of deception. India started from the promise of a Referendum under UN supervision, Sky is the limit, Insaniyat, Jamhuriyat and Kashmiriyat, Ekta and Mamta and has currently settled with Modi’s Vishwas and Vikas. It will continue with the list. Indian establishment has perfected the art of deceit to maintain a status quo in Kashmir.

Chief Minister has abandoned her oath of serving the people in the State and doing good to all manner of people. On the contrary she has picked up a Dulcimer to entertain Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh. She has bemoaned the fact that Prime Minister Modi went to Pakistan, then Pathankot happened, the Home Minister (Rajnath Singh) went there in bad times, but he was given the same treatment which was meted out to the visiting MPs who had come to our (separatists) door. “It does not insult our guests, it insults us because it shows our moral standards.”
Well-tailored protocol
Mehbooba Mufti has made too bigger a statement than the size of her shoulders. It is for Pakistan to engage with Indian Prime Minister or the Indian Home Minister, in the manner their circumstances (bilateral) guide them. Sovereign States have their respective measures of well-tailored protocol and it is adhered in equity. She should be concerned with the fact that her ‘policeman’ is engaged in killing on a daily basis. She should consider that 200 pellets had pierced the skull of 17-year-old Musaib Majeed Nagoo from Wadoora Sopore. Like all other killings, it is a target killing of an unarmed Kashmiri youth. Musaib’s father Abdul Majeed Nagoo led the funeral prayers of his son.
Musaib was eldest son of his parents and belonged to a well off and educated family.
He was topper of his batch in 10th class examination. He chose mathematics with science subject only to see himself as a successful engineer. Musaib was presently studying in 12th class in Government Higher Secondary School Sopore. Thousands of people attended the funeral prayers of the slain teenager amidst pro-Pakistan, pro-freedom and anti-India slogans. Pakistan’s foreign office or any other discipline from Islamabad did not advise Musaib’s father to lead the funeral prayers or gather thousands to mourn. It is in fact the death of chief minister’s conscience and legitimacy to govern.
Mehbooba Mufti has taken on to lecture “Separatists” on failing to pass the ‘social grace test of Kashmiriat’, for wasting opportunities and has lectured Pakistan too. It would not be improper if one points out that former J&K (IOK) Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has said that “theatrics and dramas” of incumbent Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti resulted in death of a youth in southern Kulgam district on Saturday 03 September 2016. He has accused the chief minister of playing to the cameras and hoodwinking people.

Social leper

Chief Minister should at least trust Omar Abdullah who has said that Mehbooba Mufti needs to recognize and realize the gravity of the situation. He said various successive Indian leaders from former PM, P V Narasimha Rao to incumbent PM Modi, talked about a possible solution of Kashmir within the ambit of Indian Constitution, but “I fear that the current generation of Kashmir would not accept it.”

It is time that Kashmiri leadership of all descriptions understands the mood of the people. If Hurriyat did not engage with All Party Delegation, chief minister should sit to consider as to “Why aren’t 95% people coming out to meet all party delegation.” If Mehbooba Mufti were correct in her arithmetic, the 5% population can’t make 95% population hostage.” It seems her quid pro quo to remain as a chief minister has blinded her. Her taunt that “You are scared of my policeman” has no merit. She is heading into becoming a social leper in the valley.

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