Published On: Mon, Nov 8th, 2010

The Intelligence Community – How Crucial?

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Baqir Shah.

At the end of the 2nd World War and at the start of the Cold War between Communist Block and Capitalistic Block, the role of intelligence agencies had been enhanced into the all department of state; defence vis a vis economics just to subdue one another’s superpower strength. Today every sustainable and potential state has its own intelligence apparatus for its own security and in every field of life.

Such states which have rivalries with its neighbours have spent a lot of money for the collection of information about the activities of opposite state. C-I-A of America and KGB of Russia in the past have consumed billions of Dollars on their activities.

The third world has its own intelligence agencies like the ISI of Pakistan, Musad of Israel and Raw of India have a sizable weight in world politics.

Another increasing factor, the importance of effective and comprehensive intelligence apparatus is multinational network of different companies, a state which is permitting any multinational product in its country has to be well informed about the cost evaluation of that product, so that it cannot be exploited by over charging.

Comparative advantage theory or cost benefits provide the base for international trade. A state has the responsibility to be well informed about the competition and best marginal utilization of its natural resources just to get maximum benefits from international trade, today intelligence communities have broad spectrum responsibilities and obligations, today changes are not happening on our timetable, changes are now more unpredictable, every country has to determine its role to coincide with all of the changes in the world affairs.

The most sweeping changes since the beginning of the Cold War call for the most sweeping changes in the modern intelligence apparatus of the government. In future and present economic and social strengths will in many ways become the primary determinants of world influence every country needs more information and insight into the complex new challenges that it faces no country in the world live in isolation, every country has to face conflicts at home and also abroad, every country has its competing goals but complementary ones, shutting ourselves from the rest of the world will not assure our safety, rather we must prepare ourselves to live constructively and when necessary to compete effectively in the new International environment playing the light kind of role in the world will help us rebuild our strength at home.

With our economic wellbeing so dependent on exports and the movement of international capital to finance our debt, withdrawal from the international community could be severely damaging to the economic health of our nation that we may never recover, we cannot offer to ignore the economic effects of foreign aid being used by every country for credit facilities just to develop the newly developing infrastructures in creating markets for the goods and services, in the future we need for timely intelligence about global development, there is a continuing need to invest in intelligence collection and analysis.

In the past intelligence was a means of military perspective, but now it has become social and economic vis a vis military perspective. Intelligence agencies should acquire information that is not available publicly, which should be better for the security of the nation and its well being. Its methods of operation should not only focus on geographical close socialites but also all kinds of counter terrorist activities.

Intelligence should also emphasise on human sources which are more productive and forceful positioned around the world. Intelligence is also needed in drug rings. Satellite technology is important to detect the actions of a terrorist making explosive devices in abandoned buildings.

In the field of intelligence officers should be well educated and be well equipped with different skills otherwise spending millions of dollars on intelligence collection will be useless, if the analysis of the information is not both clear and objective it must be the best product of the best minds in the country in the relevant fields both inside and outside government, but in our country Pakistan there is a shortage of expertise not just in the intelligence area but in diplomacy, commerce and education as well, intelligence officers are excessively entangled in politics and making the political scenario unstable. Now the need of restricting in intelligence apparatus is necessary for farsighted analysis in its perspective.

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