Published On: Tue, Nov 17th, 2015

Surya Putr Rashtra

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By Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani –

Prime Minister Modi’s visit in London is being looked at from various interest points and appreciated accordingly. The most important test to measure up Narendra Modi’s discipline of administration in India remains the scathing remark of John Bercow MP, the Commons Speaker, who while welcoming Modi to a select group of MPs in the House of Commons said, “To rout the disbelievers completely, however, democracy has to demonstrate that it can respect free speech and incorporate a true diversity of creeds, faiths and orientations without diminishing or disrespecting any of them.” He was not willing to give Modi a clean chit for all that has been happening in Gujrat and now finds a repeat all over India after Modi’s election as the prime minister.

David Cameron might have an interest in the British Hindu vote bank in the next elections, but the Commons Speaker and the British journalists played different and remained on the side of the common man and woman of all faiths in India and the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Modi was asked awkward questions, probably never asked by any journalist in the history of House of Commons meeting. He was made to feel very small and guilty.

John Bercow was fully aware that it was for the first time that an Indian prime minister beseeched by the Conservative Government was haunted by the angry chants of a united (and individual) grievance of Indian Muslims, Indian Christians, Indian Dalits, Indian Sikhs, Pakistani Muslims, Pakistani Hindus, Pakistani Christians, Kashmiris, Nepalese and various human rights groups that gathered outside and at various other places.

The visit has divided the politics and has caused serious ruptures in the relations of various communities living in Britain. The people of Kashmir have a serious conflict with India and they have their well-wishers in the British House of Commons and the broader community as well. Indian establishment failed to flag the Kashmiri protest as a reflex of Pakistani agenda against India. On the contrary Kashmir cause gelled into various other causes and grievances of almost all minorities (even low caste Hindus) living inside and outside India. It was a popular and multi-community protest against the radicalised leadership represented in the present Government and establishment in Delhi.

It was for the first time that British media focussed on “Hindu Taliban”, who have a dispute with those eating beef, disobeying caste rules or betraying the “Hindu nation”. Prime Minister David Cameron and leader of the opposition had been made fully aware that BJP argues that Muslims and Christians are old Hindus and follows an elaborate programme of their return to Hinduism (Ghar Wapsi – Return to Home), through a paid reconversion. Vice President of Congress Mr. Rahul Gandhi has said that BJP is bigger a threat to India than Al-Qaeda to the world peace. The New York Times in its issue of 03 November 2015 carried an editorial titled “The Costs of Hindu Extremism”. A US based risk management company, has warned that Mr. Modi “must keep his members in check or risk losing domestic and global credibility.”

The British Indian Hindus may have moved towards a life in today’s globalized world and accepted a common responsibility to promote and protect human rights of non-Hindus but there are still hundreds of them who continue to hang leaves and other foliage outside their house doors in UK as an offering to their gods and as a weapon to protect their faith. Modi had these Hindus in his mind during his address at the Wembley Stadium.  It was predominantly a Hindu show and there was hardly a Kashmiri Muslim, Kashmiri Sikh, Kashmiri Christian and the non-Hindu audience of Indian origin was carefully screened and mostly ignored.

Modi could not hold back his belief of a Hindu India and revealed that he is an RSS man. He volunteered to synergize with the Hindu sentiment of the audience and cleverly exploited the Hindu sentiment at Wembley by introducing Mahabharata character Surya Putra Karna in his speech. He said “We want to turn India into Surya putr rashtra. The reference was intended at die hard Hindus and RSS mind set. Surya putr rashtra may mean land of solar power to British audience but to a Hindu it means, exactly, what RSS stands for. All Indians are not the sons of Surya and would not subscribe to having a Surya putr rashtra. A Surya putr rashtra would be at war with Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Dalits, people of other faiths and people of no-faith as well. A Surya putr rashtra would be the end of diversity of 1.2 billion people.

Making India Surya putr rashtra is a key to touch the Hindu sentiment which lives outside India in the Europe. Modi aggravated the hunger for this sentiment by stating that he is attempting to cobble together a ‘solar alliance’ of 102 countries that receive ample sunlight and can harness it to build greener economies. He capped the ripples of Hindu sentiment by stating that he has been talking to world leaders about these countries, which he calls “suryaputra” or “sons of the sun.”

Diwali fireworks were very well orchestrated to fit into the Surya putr rashtra slogan. Wembley show was not for all Indians or for all communities living in India. It was a Hindu show to stir Hindu sentiment, readily available for any such poking outside India. The two Prime Ministers announced 13 billion trade agreements. Such announcements at times end up as Modi’s packages for flood relief in Kashmir have ended up.  Length of time, peace in India and peace with the neighbourhood, in particular Pakistan and Nepal is very important for the life of 13 billion trade.

David Cameron has promised UK support for India’s seat at the UN Security Council. It may look absorbing and attractive as a domestic consumption but has very little value at core. A reform of UN Security Council is not just round the corner and when there is a move of any reform, it will be extremely competitive and cumbersome.  David Cameron has not explained whether India would be supported for a non-veto seat at the UN Security Council or with a veto. It is very unlikely that the world body would agree to grant a veto to India and ignore Germany, Japan, Africa and the block of 57 Muslim countries. It is easier said than done.

More so, India at this point or any other point in the future could not qualify for UN Security Council Seat as long as it continues to drag its feet on the compliance of UN Resolutions adopted as a mechanism to resolve the question of ‘equality’ and ‘self-determination’ of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. At this point India is in conflict with the principles of UN Charter and is tagged with using its armed forces and other security apparatus to persecute a people against their will. Indian argument that Pakistan is responsible for stirring anti-India sentiments in the Valley has no merit under the UN Resolutions on Kashmir. Modi’s London visit has confirmed that it is not only the people of Jammu and Kashmir (State Subjects) but other faiths living in India and people in the Indian neighbourhood have a shopping list of grievances against Indian government.

David Cameron and Conservative party had their reasons to clear Mod’s visit to UK and remain in aid of Indian High Commission in London and the Indian Hindu community to hype it for a Surya putr rashtra slogan. Politics in London has many other imposing variables and the fact that Labour Party has a new leader in the shape of Jeremy Corbyn, Surya putr rashtra slogan has its serious challenges. The world has noticed the quantum of grievance against Modi and his political discipline RSS outside 10 Downing Street and outside Wembley Stadium and across the various capitals.

British politics can’t be rid of the influence of other vote bank composed of Indian Muslims, Indian Christians, Indian Dalits, Indian Sikhs, Pakistani Muslims, Pakistani Hindus, Pakistani Christians, Kashmiris, Nepalese and various human rights groups that had gathered outside and at various other places to say that Mr. Modi you are not “Welcome”.  Prime Minister has left for G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey. He has done a great disservice to community relations in UK and to the faith of non-Hindu Indians in secular India.

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