Published On: Mon, Dec 8th, 2014

Nationality of militants killed?

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Nationality of militants killed?

By Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani –

Two days ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit and three days ahead of the third phase of elections in Jammu and Kashmir militants launched a series of attacks across Kashmir Valley on Friday 5 December 2014 and killed 21 people. These attacks took place in Uri, Soura, Shopian and Tral. Experts are busy giving their opinions on the imprints of these attacks and dedicated TV commentators and patriotic anchors in Indian media have concluded that “food packets, weapons and medicines” found on these militants killed in Uri are Pakistan made and so all these attackers have to be Pakistani.

In London we can buy Indian and Pakistani food packets and medicines 24hs 7days a week. Weapons too are not a rarity either. The question as how the overwhelming and overbearing security grid maintained since 1947 and massively improved over the years in Uri has been breached remains unanswered? DNA and other forensic evidence has yet to surface and only then the “nationality of militants” could be concluded for certain. If the militants turn out to be Kashmiri Muslims, then of course we have a genuine problem at all levels, in Kashmir, Delhi, Islamabad and at the international level.

It would not remain a simple matter of militancy or incursion but assume entirely a different jurisprudence. Without taking an issue with this evaluation of evidence and reaching at a conclusion, one may however stop to revisit the two deaths caused in an encounter (of two passengers travelling in a car) with J & K Police at a mobile check point in Ahmed Nagar on the outskirts of Srinagar and identifying one dead militant as Qari Asrar, Deputy Commander of Lashkare-Taiba. The check point was set up in view of Mr. Modi’s forthcoming rally. There is no need to look for any imprints in the deaths caused in this encounter and the two dead are Kashmiri Muslims. The routine deaths since January 1990 involve, none other than, local Muslims of all ages. Deaths in police encounter in Jammu and Kashmir are more than a routine and remain discredited. We all join to condole the 21 deaths – 11 security personnel, 8 militants and 2 civilians. Our sympathies go out to all bereaved families and we hope that the incidents are not repeated. Every life is priceless and one should abhor the loss of any life anywhere. Prime Minister Modi has rightly said that “125 crore Indians bow to our brave army men who sacrificed their lives”.

It is important that Delhi opinions of all shades, including BJP ministers like Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti who wishes to have Government of “Ramzadas’, leaving very little for majority Muslims in Kashmir who are not “Ramzadas” in politics and in any other sphere of life, should view life, death and politics in Jammu and Kashmir (Valley in particular) in its broader and proper context. We support electoral process in Jammu and Kashmir, purely as a free and fair exercise of vote, as defined in the UN Resolution of 30 March 1951, respecting the wisdom of article 48 of Jammu and Kashmir Constitution, accepting that the State is currently divided into three administrations on either side of cease fire line and that the Governments of Jammu and Kashmir and India have a duty to discharge in regard to creating an atmosphere to hold a referendum in co-operation with and under the supervision of UN Security Council. Indian Government has to carry out duties of multiple order set out in the UN Security Council Resolution of 21 April 1948.

It is a serious situation that the twenty one deaths caused on Friday 5 December 2014 are hyped as a propaganda (undermining the value of life) and the environment within which the sad loss of life has taken place is skipped during the assessment. We join the 125 crore Indians and others in various parts of the world in mourning these deaths, but would not err to be inhuman and uncivil to discount the death of a generation in the Valley in the last 25 years. It has been the generation of Muslim youth and these deaths should not have occurred at all when the Indian security forces had been sent in October 1947 to Kashmir to protect life, honour and property and when UN has set out a discipline for the number, behaviour and location of the Indian soldier in Kashmir. Indian media has badly hurt the common sentiment and has insulted the sense of fairness in Kashmir on the question of army’s rescue operations during recent flood and army’s role in defending the ballot in Kashmir. The vote turn out in the first two phases of elections does not mean that Kashmiri Muslim has lost his way to martyrs grave yards or the unmarked graves, has lost the count of their missing loved ones and has forgotten the nature of torture and deaths inflicted on them by non-State subjects. He has a genuine story to tell that after witnessing an engineered exodus (of any reason) of Kashmiri Pandits, Muslims have been exposed as definite soft targets for collective and brutal treatment.  The media anchors from Delhi currently in Kashmir are seen acting as Kings and Queens, using tact and method to restrain the Kashmiri input and cause a disproportionate favour to others who would ridicule the popular sentiment or abuse the dissenting voices. The voter turn out in the first two phases should have been celebrated in a modest manner and the choice should have been left to the voter. We have seen that the voter has categorically explained his vote and said that it is not for azadi but for a person who would serve him in his daily routine. Unfortunately all the Indian media that has been facilitated genuinely by their media houses or by the broad spread of intelligence network have been in no way different to the philosophy advanced by Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti to have a Government of “Ramzadas”. Kashmiri voter has been exposed to a manipulated situation as if Indian army, Kashmir police, other security apparatus, equipped with money and AFSPA etc. have ultimately defeated the Kashmiri Muslim (terrorist) and the Pakistan. They seem to be in a state of war with the Muslims in Kashmir. When it suits we are told that militancy has been eliminated and all of a sudden we find that a reflex to fall back on the excuse that there are sleeping modules of militants or Pakistan has facilitated incursion into the valley is still alive. It is after some time that we have known about an incursion from border in Uri. Otherwise, we have been reading about regular deaths in encounters all over the valley.

Jammu and Kashmir Police and the intelligence agencies have reverted back to the gainful trick of finding anti-election posters in some parts of the valley and Sopore serves the purpose.  Posters from Al-Shoda Brigade and Jaimia-tul-Mujahideen urging a poll boycott are shown to have appeared in Sopore and Sopore police has registered a case FIR No.198/201 under section 153-A/RPC and 134 RP Act in Police Station Sopore. It will provide the police an excuse to short list youth or people of their choice as suspects for an arrest and a negotiated release after huge financial payments. Investigation has been started to trace out offenders. In this respect few suspects are being questioned. Law and order has turned into a profit making commercial interest for police in particular and other intelligence agencies in general. We have recoded evidence that in phase I and phase II some people have voted for the fear of avoiding arrest under PSA. Votes or no vote, Delhi does not seem to have given up on its habit of a “preselected CM by the powers in Delhi”. During this election Delhi has succeeded to highlight the ‘Baap-Beta’ and ‘Baap Bete’ monopolised politics and at the same time issues like AFSPA, Gurus hanging, evidence of new circumstances surrounding Haji Yusuf’s death, looting the funds provided by Delhi, dynasty rule and holding Kashmiris hostage to selfish and corrupt politics for the last 67 years have hit the public stands for the first time in an organised manner.  People as a practice would be mesmerised during election days and each phase will have its own distinct manifestation.

The voting  trend would be far different in Baramulla, Sopore and Srinagar. It would not give much reason to Indian media and the establishment to be overexcited beyond a certain point. Hurriyat leaders (inclusive as of July 1993) are made to wrestle in a handicapped match, detained indoors and the victory is all left to the voting mechanics structured by the heavy grid of security and punctuated by the wisdom of intelligence agencies in Jammu and Kashmir.  The general mantra that the voting turn out is a victory for democracy does not encompass any good evidence. In fact pluralistic behaviour of the Valley has been poisoned by the communal inputs to have “Ramzadas” in Government and to hit the jack pot by reserving 3 seats for the Kashmiri Pandits and 5 for the refugees from Pakistan against two different provisions in the J & K Constitution. The proposal aims at retaining at least 8 seats to do and undo any Government in Kashmir.

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