Published On: Wed, Nov 23rd, 2016

Militant funding in Kashmir

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Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani

After the first ever 12 day curfew from 24 September to 5 October 1931 proclaimed by the Hindu Ruler of Jammu and Kashmir in the valley to control the ‘turbulent’ Kashmiri Muslim, the Hindu soldier of India placed the Kashmiri Muslim under an unprecedented 126 day curfew from 8th July 2016, the day when Indian security forces murdered a Kashmiri youth Burhan Wani and his friends.

Use of lethal force during this period, manner in which the civilians were subjected to oppression and the emerging scenes of brutality, in particular deliberate use of pellets to blind the children and the youth, shook the conscience of every human being around the world. India lost its make-up and exposed itself as a country ready to savage the life, dignity and habitat of the people of the Valley in Kashmir.

Civil and military leadership in Pakistan and the people of Pakistan reaffirmed their political, moral and diplomatic support to the just cause of self-determination of the people of Kashmir. Government of Pakistan has put in a new and a determined diplomatic effort to highlight the brutality inflicted on the unarmed Kashmiris by Indian security forces, in violation of the terms of admission into the Valley and the restraints placed on them in the UN Security Council Resolutions. These efforts are supported and complemented by an active Kashmiri Diaspora, with the help of Pakistanis living abroad and people of other nationalities who have struggled “to achieve a life of dignity and honour as free citizens of independent states.”

Indian reaction
Stuck with the blame of savagery and caught red handed in the Kashmir Valley Indian Government, has made every effort to misdirect Pakistan and engage it way from Kashmir. The easiest way out has been to violate the Kashmir border and lure away the world attention. It has created a serious situation for Pakistan because the life and limb lost on either side of the cease fire line (LOC) belongs to a Kashmiri Muslim. Indian soldier kills a Kashmiri Muslim in the Valley under its control and feels satisfied to kill a Kashmiri Muslim on the Pakistani side of the cease fire line. It is encouraging that the civil and military leadership in Pakistan and the people of Pakistan have kept their course. They did not allow India to run away with its rewards and in desperation Indians continue to ‘cry wolf’.
Fake Indian currency notes
Indian Government in Delhi ever since 1947 has continued to experiment with its deceit and misinformation in the Valley. Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju’s statement in the Indian Parliament on Tuesday 22 November that Pakistan was funding ‘separatists’ and ‘stone pelters’ in Kashmir using fake Indian currency notes (FICN) is a sick joke. He said that the funding to militants and stone pelters in Jammu and Kashmir and smuggling of fake Indian currency notes into India have been badly hit by the demonetisation of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes.

Minister of State for Home said there has been a big impact in attempts to pump in fake Indian currency notes (FICN) into the country and no such incident was reported ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the demonetisation. “There has been big impact on FICN. Militancy funding was also badly hit due to demonetisation while there is complete halt in paying money to the stone pelters in Kashmir,” he said during Question He said the central and state governments have been trying to improve the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and incidents of stone pelting have come down significantly in the recent past.

Indian Minister is mistaken – six stake holders
Indian minister needs to be reminded of a serious failing in his understanding of Kashmir, the stone pelter and the separatist. India since it placed its provisional accession of Kashmir before the UN Security Council for a free and fair reference of the people under a UN supervision, has overstayed itself in Kashmir. It continues to be an occupier of the habitat and has colonised a people against their will.
The stone pelter and the separatist of 2016 needs to be placed in the proper context. At the 239th meeting of UN Security Council India has pointed out “Pakistan and insurgents” as the two parties. United Nations has not fully concurred with this view and has taken an inclusive view of the situation. The United Kingdom representative to the United Nations Security Council Noel Baker at the 241st meeting on 5 February 1948 has identified other stake holders as, Government of Pakistan, insurgents, tribesmen, Government of India, inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir and the outside world.
Noel Baker said:
“The Plebiscite must inspire confidence in everybody, including those who are now fighting. We have all stated it before. The representative of India said at our 239th meeting the day before yesterday that the two parties interested in Kashmir question are Pakistan and the insurgents in Kashmir. Therefore we have to satisfy these two parties. What the Security Council does must seem fair to these two parties. It must also seem fair to the Government of Pakistan, to the insurgents, to the tribesmen, to the Government of India, to the other inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir and to the outside world”. [241th meeting of UN Security Council 5 February 1948].
Indian minister’s claim that Pakistan is funding the ‘stone pelters’ and ‘separatists’ and that the decision to demonetise of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes has brought the situation under control has no merit. He needs to understand that the UN mechanism to arrange a free and fair referendum in Kashmir has temporarily frozen ‘insurgents and tribesmen’ as stakeholders from actively assisting the people of Kashmir to undo the Indian occupation. Indian Government needs to turn over to page 8 of the 241th meeting of the UN Security Council. It reads “Everything which affects peace affects everyone. It is declared in the Charter in Article 1, paragraph 1; Article 2, paragraph 5; and Article 24, paragraph 1 and in other places, too”.
If hell breaks loose
In fact the whole world needs to fund the resistance in the Valley and each stakeholder may have to unfreeze himself and start helping the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It would not be the lone ‘stone pelter’ and the ‘separatist’ but it has to be “Government of Pakistan, the insurgents, the tribesmen, the other inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir and to the outside world”. If this hell breaks loose, Indian communal forces shall have no place to hide.

Life of dignity and honour
Pakistan as a stakeholder has convinced itself that it can’t earn the reproach of acquiescing to Indian plan to keep Pakistan engaged into an unending process of dialogue and allow India to humble the Kashmiri Muslims through the use of brute force and deceit. It is noticeable that Pakistan has revised its Kashmir policy and has rightly returned to the basic jurisprudence of the case.

Government of Pakistan has made a good beginning of reaching out to people of Kashmir and rest of the world on the situation in Kashmir and on Indian violations across the cease fire line. The Third Committee of UN General Assembly on Tuesday 22 November 2016 adopted a Pakistan-sponsored resolution reaffirming the universal right of people to self-determination as a fundamental condition for the effective guarantee and observance of human rights. It is obvious that the resolution, which Pakistan has been tabling since 1981, serves to focus the world’s attention on the struggle by peoples for their inalienable right to self-determination, including those in Kashmir and Palestine. The resolution is expected to come up for the General Assembly’s endorsement next month.
Indian Government and its machinery can’t vanquish and humble the people in the Valley by the extreme use of violence and oppression. No military on earth has ever defeated the desire of a people to be independent, dignified and honourable. Hell will break loose for India if the lone stone pelter is joined by the ‘insurgent’ and the ‘tribesman’ currently frozen into inaction by the UN promise that the people of Kashmir shall have a free and fair referendum.

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