Published On: Mon, Jul 11th, 2011

Kashmiri Leadership Lacks Understanding of Case Jurisprudence: JKCHR

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LONDON, July 11 (APP) – The UK-based Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights (JKCHR) has said that Kashmiri leadership lacks a due understanding of the jurisprudence of their case and has all along since 1990 misdirected its wisdom in advocating the Kashmir case.

“It is unfortunate that our leaders did not endeavour to learn from East Timor and South Sudan, that people have to be empowered on different fronts. Lack of progress on any single front is a loss or a failing in aggregate,” said Dr.Syed Nazir Gilani, Secretary-General, JKCHR, in a statement Monday.

Speaking in the context of the formal declaration of independence by South Sudan, Dr. Gilani said that Kashmiri leadership on both sides of LOC  failed to conduct the people’s trust in the manner in which the leadership of East Timor and South Sudan conducted itself until a successful referendum was carried out under the supervision of the UN.

JKCHR Secretary General has said that it is time for every Kashmiri, regardless of his or her status at home, in the office, in the profession or in politics to revisit the script of their politics and armed struggle.
“There have been times (and continue to be) when we seem to be unsure in regard to our existence if we were ever able to attain independence (freedom). It appears that we live in a different world and have a strange kind of political guidance.”

Dr. Gilani has said that the speech made by UN Secretary General at the independence ceremony of South Sudan should be a guide for us to learn to live and lead.  The South Sudanese people remained engaged in the quest for independence “through peacekeeping and diplomacy, through humanitarian assistance and development.”

“Our leaders in Kashmir have failed to give due regard to other complimentary constituents namely diplomacy, humanitarian assistance and development, required in any struggle for independence. There has been no demand from our leaders for peacekeeping”.

JKCHR Secretary General has said “although Kashmir also has peacekeeping force but our leaders have never been able to understand the jurisprudence of its presence and how the jurisprudence of UN mechanism on Kashmir could have been used or demanded in respect of other important constituents namely diplomacy, humanitarian assistance and development”.

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