Published On: Sun, Oct 30th, 2016

From Chai wala to social media sensation

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By Kashaf Ahmed
Life can be unpredictable and fortunes can change overnight, and this is exactly what has happened to a common man. 18 year old Arshad Khan, originally from Kohat, serves tea at Islamabad’s Itwar Bazaar. But this young man has now become the latest social media sensation. A photo was taken of Arshad Khan and was posted on a social network site, which led to many gush over his striking features. And this chai wala has not just whipped Pakistan into a frenzy, he has managed to attract the attention of those across the border – both common man/woman and even celebrities. The young Arshad Khan has already landed himself a modelling assignment, and has also told the media that he is open to working in films, if given the opportunity.
Since his photo was circulated on social media, Twitter has gone crazy with people tweeting about everything from his looks, to jokes about Pakistan’s chai wala versus India’s chai wala (Prime Minister Modi). But all the humour and banter aside, this truly is a feel good story, one that makes you want to believe that anything is possible in life. A few days ago Arshad Khan would probably have never imagined such a drastic change in his fortunes. From serving tea to becoming a social media sensation, his world has changed in a flash. And the irony in all of this is, Arshad Khan has been seen all over the television, but his parents are unable to watch any of it as they do not have electricity in their home.

It really is heartening to see a positive story for one involving an aam aadmi (common man). And one can hope that we get to see such stories in the future as well. There is a lot of negativity coming out of Pakistan in recent times and not much to cheer about. But this piece of news is one that could make anyone smile. Best wishes to Arshad Khan.

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