Published On: Wed, Jun 22nd, 2011

AJK Elections 2011

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26th June – Opportunity to instruct your candidate through your vote

Taking part in elections is a basic human right. Vote offers a freedom of choice and is a means through which a citizen instructs elected representatives to make decisions on his or her behalf.

Participation in elections empowers the citizen and ensures internal self-determination.

Electoral choice in any administration of Jammu and Kashmir is very important and voters need to have a set of criteria.

Candidates and parties in Azad Jammu and Kashmir elections have to be seriously judged on their political programme for the government.

Most important and fundamental programme is:

1. Understanding of the fact that UN resolutions on Kashmir have cautioned the J & K assembly in Srinagar that the “area from which this assembly is elected is only part of the whole territory of Jammu and Kashmir” and does not have the representative character to determine the “future shape and affiliation of Jammu and Kashmir”.

2. Understanding that under Azad Jammu and Kashmir Interim Constitution Act 1974 Kashmir Government at Muzaffarabad has for the time being a principal duty “to provide a better Government and administration” till “the future status of Jammu and Kashmir is determined in accordance with the freely expressed will of the people of the State through the democratic method of free and fair plebiscite under the auspices of the United Nations as envisaged in the UNCIP resolutions adopted from time to time”. Government of Pakistan has entered into a Constitutional relationship with AJK Government “in the discharge of its responsibilities under the UNCIP resolutions”.

3. Whether AJK elections have any impact on the Rights Movement, life and habitat of the people of Kashmir.

Kashmiri leaders and vigilant citizens of Kashmir have a duty to see whether Government/s of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Government of Pakistan have been discharging these responsibilities or not.

Therefore vote in a manner so that internal empowerment brings internal self-determination leading to the ultimate right of the people of Jammu and Kashmir as equal people to external self-determination.

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